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The stake is planning a boat dance (maybe dinner too? I assume they are planning a testimony meeting & I wouldn't be surprised if they kicked it off with a fireside the night before or maybe the Sunday before.~Stacey Write or call the Humanitiarian Sort Center and ask for a copy of 'Humanitarian Service Project Guidelines' Sort Center - Humanitarian Service Projects 1665 Bennett Rd. We got the kids an army green t-shirt that said MASH on it.After creating a safety plan, advocates will continue to converse with youth and their families to try to continue to increase safety.Safety plans can include identification of support people, how to call law enforcement, individual rights, protective order information, coping mechanisms to use to calm down in a stressful environment, and more.This isn't a theme, but it's something we do in our stake.We actually have the youth of the wards submit one theme name per ward, then we provide an ice cream party for the ward with the winning theme. ~Charee It was suggested that we contact the mayor of the town - and ask him "If you had 250 youth for 3 hours to do service in your town, what would you like them to do?

Everyone wore their fatigues (it's surprising how many people have them or have access to them, if not the fatigues, than khaki's or whatever... It was service oriented with the youth splitting into 7 groups and taking on several community service projects. We had a great dinner, guest speakers and testimony meeting. We scheduled a pajama dance (certain dress standards have to be enforced) for Friday night.Sometimes goals are physical needs - including needing housing or employment.Other goals are emotional, learning how to manage feelings about the abuse or improving communication between family members.Prevail officers supportive services that help teens who have been in an unhealthy dating relationships.The goal is to provide a space for teens to learn about and ask questions about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

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