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Consider joining a group or club that participates in activities you enjoy, such as a walking group, a senior center, a painting class or choral group.

Chances are there are others looking for companionship within these groups.

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Using these tips and suggestions will ensure you enjoy a fulfilling and enriching dating experience.

There can be many natural concerns about dating, especially following the death of a spouse or a divorce later in life, Damer explains.

She urges seniors to approach dating “with positivity and confidence and a sense of fun.” “Remember to take it slow and be cautious,” Damer says.

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The best approach is that it is fun and companionship, and if something more develops then let it grow over time.” The dating world has changed dramatically in recent years with the rise in popularity of online dating sites, some of which cater exclusively to the senior population.

Consider that smoking may also be a turn-off for your date.

“All of these things can have a big impact on how you are perceived,” Damer says.

At the same, Muriel, a 74-year-old widow, was also undergoing dialysis. “I made tea for my wife and eventually made tea for Muriel. After my wife passed away, I continued to visit the hospital and talk to Muriel.

Eventually, I asked her out and it was the beginning of an old-age friendship.” The couple married on December 18, 2010 and currently resides in Kensington Court, an independent retirement community in Windsor, Ontario.

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