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This application makes use of a mobile device's geo-location, a feature of smartphones and other devices that allow users to locate other users who are nearby.It is mainly famous amongst the gay community (if you didn’t know about this app, then gays, thank me).

When asked to select which target they were most interested in dating or pursuing a committed relationship with, the target with intermediate availability was preferred hands down by both men and women; however, men desired the target with low availability almost as much as the intermediate target.The dating app that is right now among Nepali young adults is Tinder, though.While a lot of Westerners use Tinder as a simple hookup app, rather than an app where you meet people and seriously ensue a relationship, most Nepali young adults use it to pursue serious relationships, or as a platform where you can meet people with similar interests and broaden your friends circle.I have not only heard, but observed a lot of successful online dating stories.Not only has online dating helped heterosexuals, but it has been very helpful for the LGBTQ community to find a partner in the context of Nepal, which has a very conservative, close-minded, heteronormative society.

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