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However, she is busy at work and is unable to retrieve it at the time, so she asks the male player to hold onto it until she is free from work. Yancy will call her Xtransceiver when the male player is in specific locations around Unova. She has an older cousin, Tiger I, and they're the best of friends! Sometimes she can act tough to make up for it, but deep down she loves her friends.Her favorite food is Borscht Soup, and has every CD from the Soviet Army Choir. Tiger I is the richest tank in school, but she's also shy and breaks down a lot of she works too hard.Yancy will slowly learn about the player through her initial nine calls. What she learns about him is based on what the player answered in the Passerby Analytics HQ surveys in Castelia City. After the first call of every next day, Yancy will ask the player for a Ferris Wheel ride, and if the player has entered the Hall of Fame, she will offer to trade Pokémon after the ride.

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Instead of studying military history and doctrine, he's in "Basic Artillery Computations for Fire Support 101", and "Radio Operations 214".

At the tenth call, Yancy would inform the player that she is finally free from work and would like to retrieve her Xtransceiver back in Nimbasa City.

It is here that Yancy meets the male player for the first time as her initial calls were audio only so neither knew what each other looked like.

It is possible to receive multiples of the same species. Nimbasa City's Ferris wheel is really famous for having a beautiful view.""Really?

From the 31st through 49th calls (except the Ferris-Wheel-ride calls), Yancy will say any of a variety of things.

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