Why chatrandom is taking streamate

The bread and butter of this site is its fast responsiveness – you can open it up and play a video within minutes.

If your device is fast enough, you could probably pull the whole process off in seconds and have a whole hour-long video of busty A-star MILF pornstars taking dick in all holes playing on your device in under a minute.

Maybe if it existed a decade or so ago this site might have been home to some eye-candy photo-based visuals, but that format of pornography is a thing of the past now in 2019, and you won’t find any XXX pictures here.

One thing which I think this site could definitely improve on is adding on to its severe lack of true authentic, homemade amateur porn.

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This is arguably the worst thing about this website, and it really should be taken care of at least partly by the people running this site because it defeats the whole purpose of ‘fast, on-demand XXX videos’.

Rushporn’s ‘Pornstar’ section contains a list of the entire professional XXX cast that appears in its videos, regardless if they’re only featured once or dozens of times.

The best way to sift through them is to use the A-Z filter that’s at the beginning of the section which lets you view girls whose name begins with whichever letter you’ve chosen.

Not only does this site open up different sections fast, but its videos also load fast – sure, there may be some videos that are slower than others, and some clips won’t even work (more on that later), but over half of all the thousands upon thousands of videos uploaded on this website will play for you in a matter of seconds, and the video players themselves are also equipped with quality options that let you pick between 720 and 480 pixels, which can come in handy depending on your device’s processing speed.

As with most porntubes that specialize in delivering fast-loading HD porn videos to their visitors, Rush Porn has its fair share of categories which don’t stray too far in the ‘bizarre’ and ‘alternative’ spectrum of porno themes and genres and tend to stick more to the vanilla stuff.

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