Whos kat von d dating dating to marriage timeline

, her first of the dozens of tattoos she has now was for her first love.She was only a teenager and got an Old English style "J" for James on her ankle.And when she got pregnant with her first child, she posted a long Instagram post about the kind of life she was going to give it (via Celebitchy).

Her current husband, talking to Tttism, admitted to having a swastika tattooed on his throat, but said it "isn't political," whatever that means.This was the start of getting most of her boyfriend's names on her.She has "Orbi" for Alex Orbison, musician Ray Orbison's son, for example.Head over heels in love, apparently literally, they ran away together. The ink, however, remains to this day, despite being faded.He even showed up at her tattoo parlor once years later.

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