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She also shut down some pickup lines in the interview asked by the host.The New York, United States native, has made recent headlines in 2018 as she was the first one to respond to her ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson's engagement with Ariane Grande, among many of Davidson's ex-girlfriends.In the video, the pair celebrated on having a negative pregnancy result.Later, the final bite of Carly's dating saga with Chris came in an interview on Robert M. At the Q&A session, which both, Carly and Chris attended, the pair were asked about their breakup by Slippery Rock University students, to which they responded with an awkward laugh.From his high profile split from Ariana to the subsequent controversies that followed the breakup, the , for her part, remained a mere spectator to all the drama dealt by once-lover. Though their each career trajectory may have taken separate paths, it is inevitable that the former standup comedic duo would run into each other.And that's what happened in February 2019 when they reunited for a photo.Give yourself a pat on the back and a glass of wine (because there’s never a bad time for wine). Carly Aquilino, as all know, is a star stand-up comedian, who has also kept acting and hosting under her resume.

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A year later, in 2015, Carly was reportedly started another dating affair with star, Pete Davidson.Carly's behavior hinted the breakup, but the pair had already shown signs of seriousness in their relationship.For one, the couple moved together during mid-2013 and later, posted a Vine video in October 2013.Carly shared a screenshot text conversation with her friend on her Instagram story, which she captioned as, In the talk, her friend wrote, “I know I’m the 9 billionth person to text you today about this, but…I can’t,” to which she responded “HAHHAHAHAAH.” Carly's response to Pete Davidson's engagement with Ariana Grande Carly's ex and the famous singer, Ariane got surprisingly engaged to each other in June 2018.

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