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(Luckily, Woody Harrelson joins the show to bring a little relief to the dramatics.)Frasier doesn’t become a main cast member until the fifth season, but he continues as a series regular throughout Season 4.His presence serves as an annoyance particularly to Diane, although his elitism (and insufferable insecurities following his breakup with her) don’t necessarily win him friends among the other regulars.Shelley Long married investment broker Bruce Tyson in 1981. Frasier Crane (played by Kelsey Grammer), who later was the central character of the hit show Frasier (1994-2004)…As Diane Chambers, Long was nominated for a total of six Emmys, five for Cheers and one for Frasier…, but the Internet works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?On Monday, Cracked ran a listicle about major TV characters that were only supposed to be bit parts, and included Dr.Frasier is introduced as Diane’s “friend,” and she implores him to counsel Sam and help him through his alcoholism.In the second episode, it’s revealed that Diane and Frasier are dating, and suddenly the Sam-and-Diane dynamic has a new obstacle: Frasier was intended to be Sam’s rival, a haughty, pretentious academic who, like Diane, is at odds intellectually with the other regulars at the bar.

A CHEERS Retrospective What do a former professional baseball player, a career waitress/mother of eight, an often out of work accountant, a know-it-all mail man, a bad at love psychiatrist, an emotionally unstable gold digging manager, an uptight psychoanalyst, an elitist failed writer, a clueless former coach, a clueless former farm hand and a number of colorful characters that occupy the city of Boston have in common?(It should be noted, of course, that Grammer’s famous substance abuse troubles became public in 1988 — during the show’s sixth and seventh seasons — when he was arrested for drunk driving and cocaine possession, and his behavior on set also infuriated his castmates and the crew.) To play devil’s advocate, perhaps this was conjecture; maybe it was Grammer’s way of denying to himself the extent to which his own personal problems affected his colleagues. I suspect it was hearsay, but I can tell you unequivocally that it is wrong.In any event, So with all due respect to Kelsey Grammer, whom I love and have worked with since his first day at CHEERS till his last day on FRASIER – let me categorically say that this is just not true. And in the process he does a disservice not only to Shelley but to himself.Co-workers and lovers Sam Malone and Diane Chambers had, by that point, broken under the pressure of the immense sexual tension that coated the wood paneling of the Boston pub, and their relationship had taken a turn for the worse.Diane has fled Boston for a stay at a sanitarium (where she meets Frasier), and upon her return to Cheers she learns that Sam has had a relapse and is drinking again.

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