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They went on to shutout the Phillies, the third straight game where the beleaguered Philadelphia team failed to put up a single... Doug Reinhardt and Paris Hilton called it quits in April, and both parties seem to be rebounding extremely well.Paris has been out and about with her ex-fiance lately, and now we hear Doug is canoodling with the newly crowned Miss USA, Rima Fakih.According to Ask Men.com: "As the first American from a Middle-Eastern background to earn the title, Fakih’s reign as Miss...Read Full Story Miss USA Rima Fakih seems to have put her controversy behind her.The beauty queen was reportedly taken into custody early Saturday, this according to Fakih's attorney.Now, the police in Michigan won't confirm the story, and Fakih originally denied she was even in the state on Twitter, but Donald Elder, her lawyer, told the Detroit Free Press that the story was indeed true.Here she is smiling with Jose Reyes of the New York Mets, as she does a photo op at Citi Field in Queens.

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In 2010, she appeared on Late Show with David Letterman as herself.

Upon being crowned, Crawford won a 0,000 scholarship, trips, clothes, and got to share a New York City apartment with Donald Trump’s other titleholders – Ximena Navarrete, Miss Universe, and Rima Fakih, Miss USA- for a year.

Libra Srifa, South Governorate, Lebanon Rima Fakih attended St. Afterward, Rima graduated from Henry Ford Community College and went on to earn degrees in Economics and Business Management from the University of Michigan–Dearborn.

YES I am a proud busy mother of 2 who MUST be involved in everything my kids do... Had one of the most beautiful days yesterday at Disney with my beautiful family.

I know it’s not your birthday yet but I wanted to Thank you for being our rock baby! I didn’t fall in love with you I walked into love with…

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