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In 2014, Cusack criticized Hollywood saying the mega-corporations have stepped in with 50-producer movies, franchises being king, and stars being used as leverage.

He called Hollywood, "a whorehouse and people go mad." Between 20, Cusack wrote blogs for The Huffington Post, which included an interview with Naomi Klein.

John graduated from Evanston Township High School in 1984, where he met Jeremy Piven and spent a year at New York University before dropping out.

John Cusack made his feature film debut at 17, acting alongside Rob Lowe and Andrew Mc Carthy in the romantic comedy See Also: Levy Tran – Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, and Other Facts John Cusack has been in Hollywood since his first feature debut in 1987.

John Cusack was born into an Irish Catholic family. His father was a documentary filmmaker who owned a film production company and was a friend of activist Philip Berrigan.

He worked in advertising, winning a Clio Award, until 1970, when he left to start a production company and also wrote a series of films for the United Nations.

He also starred in Cameron Crowe's directorial debut film, Say Anything... Cusack played a con artist in Stephen Frears' 1990 neo-noir film The Grifters.

After establishing New Crime Productions, Cusack co-wrote the screenplay for and starred in George Armitage's crime film Grosse Pointe Blank (1997), in which he played an assassin who goes to his 10-year high school reunion to win back his high school sweetheart.

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On October 10, 2008, Leatherman pleaded no contest and received five years' probation and mandatory psychiatric counseling, and was ordered to stay away from Cusack, his home, and business for the next ten years.

He voiced his opposition to the war in Iraq and the Bush administration, calling the Bush administration's worldview "depressing, corrupt, unlawful, and tragically absurd".

Cusack criticized the Obama administration for its drone policy in the Middle East and its support of the National Defense Authorization Act, and became one of the initial supporters of the Freedom of the Press Foundation in 2012.

The quote is actually that of white supremacist and neo-Nazi Kevin Alfred Strom.

Cusack trained in kickboxing under former world kickboxing champion Benny Urquidez for over two decades.

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