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I had saved some points so I had six cooked plain shrimp with just a bit of cocktail sauce. I had the Deli Ham Sandwich on Wheat (7 points) and the French Onion Soup (1/5 points). PE and I had a date night Saturday night and we went to a movie and dinner. I brought a package of WW Cheddar Twists (2 points) in my purse and I purchased a super duper extra large diet coke. If you are following Weight Watchers, I hope this helps.Now I am a really big girls so I get a lot of points. Official weigh in day is Wednesday so we will see how things went. My resolution for this week is to drink more water.Radcliffe has famously challenged himself with his roles beyond Harry Potter, particularly on the stage, from the dark and disturbing role of Alan Strang in Equus to transforming into an all singing all dancing leading man in the musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying on Broadway.[pullquote]Radcliffe could have packed it in and retired by the time he was 20, but he tells us that that’s not like him[/pullquote] An actor like Radcliffe could have packed it in and retired by the time he was 20, but he tells us that that’s not like him.

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Emma, now 25, has reportedly been spending time with 35-year-old tech manager William “Mack” Knight over the past few months.

She is, or will be, involved in a project called Napoleon and Betsy, which is in development (see IMDB related link down below). Emma Watson might have once had a relationship with him but she doesn't now.

She has stated that she won't confirm her relationships but it is likely that she dated him from the pictures that were released.

It wasn’t long before the UK star broke poor Emma’s heart, reasoning that he didn’t want to be dating “some childhood star.” Looks like Emma gets the last laugh here!

In 2008, the total Prince William look-alike swept Emma right off her feet.

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