Who is alan tudyk dating

Is it possible that Sean's reeeaaaally trying to prove something?

Or that it's a surrogate arrangement, but he hasn't officially come out yet, like Clay and Ricky.

Adam is back to this “Pee Pee” and BB thanks him for using the technical terminology.

Adam Carolla Piss Detective is on the case, he’s explaining how there are two bathrooms, one featuring a urinal, Adam comments that most people usually ignore the bathroom gender requirements.

This is mostly due to where the old studio was located in the building, to use the Men’s room you would be closer to the studio door, more noise etc.

So everyone started using the bathroom furthest away from the sliding glass door, not sure it helped that much.

Alison is now chiming in with her thoughts of ownership over the ladies toilet, Adam jokes about owning her while she’s using it.

Adam now has Caelan Biehn on mic explaining his 70/30 average for using the urinal vs. Alison has a killer “depends on how dirty your cock is” quote that demands to be made into a drop, Adam is now asking Dawson about his bathroom use, he’s noticeably not into it and says his peeing in a stall 8 years ago at KLSX has nothing to do with this. Drew, Alison has a funny magical urine reply/probable new drop and Adam is explaining the dual nature of Drew.

Adam is welcoming Dan Frank to the show for his first phoner, Adam is asking him about the current state of the V. Adam is asking Dan about the biggest issues facing veterans returning to civilian life.

These friends are more of her family than her real family which we find out later in the series.” The new series will debut on the DC Universe digital service in the fall.

Recorded – Release Date Production Number #1452 Show Page Adam opens the show to some musical lyrics (?

Adam brings up Drew’s beyond the scope of human politeness actions compared to his thoughtless moves leaving stuff left a mess without regard for others.

Adam is saying Drew’s like a chick and Adam wants Caelan to still have some collateral punishment for being honest about his actions.

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