Which dating site should i use

And while many do meet “the one”—17% of people who married in the past year met their mate on the internet–they’re also facing serious privacy issues along the way.

One study found that one in ten members of online dating sites is a scammer.

provide it if you want to become a member—gives it more protection. It’s probably archived, and other members can copy and save it themselves.

Still, you should consider not using your main email address because it can be linked to the other sites on which you’ve registered. If you post it on the public part of the site, it’s no longer yours.

Some dating sites offer different levels of membership.If they’re allowed to email you, how often and about what?If a dating site’s privacy policy raises red flags, don’t settle; move on to another one.The personal info you provide to dating sites falls into 2 main categories: registration/account creation, and profile/site activity.Dating sites treat these two categories of information separately.

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