When did seth and summer start dating

Fans had to begin facing the facts that Marissa and Ryan wouldn't be getting back together any time soon.In reality, they never do since Marissa dies but fans didn't know that at the time.The most disappointing thing about the fourth season for fans of the series was the absence of the popular Marissa/Ryan pairing.Ryan begins dating Taylor which had polarizing reactions.

This episode does feature some great cameos though, such as by Paris Hilton and Colin Hanks.

But it winds up causing trouble when Sandy and Kristen find out he's been lying.

We also learn that Julie and Frank, Ryan's dad, are dating.

This leads to a fight from Summer and Marissa who aren't entirely happy with this announcement.

Marissa continues to fall in deeper with Volchok and her relationship with him and his equally troublesome friends lead to rifts with her other friends, like Summer.

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