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Certain Accounts Receivable invoices are only payable on-line by ACH (your bank account) such as medical insurance, taxes and Lease payments and not payable by credit card.

Municipal (Utility) Billing Municipal Service Statements, which include water, sewer, trash, and optional Fire Med service, are billed about every 30 days. For questions contact uility billing at (714) 536-5919.

Excluding any part of the account number or using your old account number will result in your payment being returned by our bank.

If you have a previously used template set up, please delete it and create a new one using the complete online banking number located in the box on the right top corner of your municipal services bill.

Fire Inspections Invoice The Huntington Beach Fire Department performs annual inspections of all occupancies, with the exception of single family residences, in order to prevent the loss of life and property from fires.

These inspections are intended eliminate fire hazards by confirming that each occupancy is in compliance with the Huntington Beach Fire Code.

You will not be able to setup Auto Pay or view your account information by using this link.

We encourage you to register and create an account for online access to your Municipal Billing account by clicking on the Register/Pay link.

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Customers making municipal services payments via their online banking portal MUST include all 15 digits of their account number, including zeros, to successfully initiate a payment.There is a .28 convenience fee for paying by credit card.Business License Renewal You can pay your City business license renewal online or by phone.On-line payments through your financial institution. You may choose to pay using your bank's on-line payment system.Payments should be made payable to the City of Huntington Beach and contain the complete account number on your statement.

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