Voodoo dating

the object that a person performing voodoo acts through, usually to cause harm to another human.

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I have however spent the last 10 years obsessively trying to find logical patterns in dating, relationships, and the big one, love (much to the displeasure of several romantic partners). (Sorry, I've always wanted to say that...) But in all seriousness, I realized that all the clichés, and aaall the stereotypes about love were in fact accurate, but they were also completely logical. I'd done a stupendously horrible job of communicating them to anyone who wasn't on the exact same wavelength as me (of which there's only one, we got married, and spoiler alert, we still do a horrible job of communicating sometimes).

And then, after many years of failed attempts, and many, many people telling me I was crazy, something unexpected happened... And despite everything I thought I knew..know what I finally realized after all these years? I really had been right all along, and all (well...most) of the patterns I'd been observing really did work! In short, someone shouldn't have to explain to you that advice that only you can understand is essentially worthless, but they did...

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