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Consider the following scenario: The MTA specifically reads the MTA object record associated with the domain that the MTA points to.Under Tools, Group Wise Diagnostics, Record Enumerations, this record is found in the "Message Transfer Agents by domain" section. DB file directly are the Group Wise Internet Agent (GWIA), the Web Access Agent, and the various Group Wise gateways.I have had a look at available PHP calendars and it seems to me that Web Calendar fits our requirements very well.In addition to user calendars it allows non-user calendars.Installation of Web Calendar is very unproblematic.I unzipped it into a calendar subdirectory of my moodle directory, put the details of the moodle database into Web Calendars config file, created the required tables using a supplied file, placed a Web link to the calendar onto the Moodle home page and it worked straightaway.When you delete a message, it does not disappear until you refresh the page A workaround is to edit the file and search for SOAP.parameter replace default by actual IP address on which Web Access server shall listen to.

The Group Wise replication model is different from e Directory in these two ways: Ownership is an important role because it plays a key part in ensuring that an object is properly synchronized across all domain databases (WPDOMAIN. Only the Group Wise domain that owns a particular object can officially approve a change to an object.Please update to this released version as it contains fixes related to auto-refresh (see TID 7015350 - Auto-refresh is not working Group Wise 2014).A Group Wise domain directory contains a critical file, WPDOMAIN. Recovering a domain database from a backup tape that is more than a day old can result in serious synchronization problems with other domains. This process is explained in the section entitled "Understanding Object Ownership." For those familiar with e Directory, this object modification model might seem different. This means that if for some reason one of your domain databases is damaged, you should recover it from tape backup or rebuild it, which is always done from the primary domain's database. With the help of Group Wise administration snap-ins, Group Wise objects in the WPDOMAIN. Whenever you administer your Group Wise system, Group Wise administration is connected to any one of the WPDOMAIN. This means the following: owns (as long as you have the e Directory rights to that object). The only thing that makes a primary domain "primary" is that the Domain Type field, shown in Figure 3.3, reads as follows: As new objects and users are added to a Group Wise system, those objects are replicated to every WPDOMAIN. Deletions of objects are also replicated to every WPDOMAIN. A change to a Group Wise object should take a short while to replicate to all other domains, but on a large system, "a short while" might mean 15 minutes or more. The Group Wise directory is a fully replicated directory.

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