Updating xbox without live

But, you shouldn't need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Insert the Minecraft disc (if you have one) and start the app.Once you're on the game's main menu, the update should automatically begin downloading.If you want to save your Minecraft world from digital extinction, copy the save files to an Xbox 360 Memory Unit or USB flash drive.If you have a Gold subscription, you can also upload it to cloud storage.You’ll have only a few options from this screen: You‘ll see this screen because mandatory updates require you to download and install the latest update in order to connect to Xbox Live.

Deleting the game will also delete your saved game information.

If your Xbox 360 is not connected to the internet, and you don't have a way to get it online, you can download updates from the various fan communities and apply them manually. When I try to enter my main survival world, it loads up being completely reset, yet the storage and creation date of my world proves that my main world still exists.

If it's been a while since you've fired up a session of Minecraft on your Xbox 360, the game might need an update.

Once the console has shut down, unplug your network cable and turn your console back on to resume your offline experience.

If you’re using a wireless internet connection, you’ll also see the option Disconnect wireless, which will cancel the update. The update is free from Microsoft, but you may incur data charges from your ISP depending on your service agreement.

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