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Example, I want to reuse the which is set in the request1 (in the "Tests" tab) through : The console.log(sid) displays the old value and not the new one updated in the request1.

These (pre) named objects are usually used as configuration settings that an application can lookup provided it knows the name of the variable or object.

In addition to the system-wide variables, a variable can also be set into other scopes such as an user specific and session specific variables.

If it already exist in the environment, then the value is modified to reflect the changes.

You can use either the Because of how variables are inherited by processes in Linux and depending on how and where it is executed, the variables may have been set only on the current session or the current instance of the shell.

This also means that it can get quite difficult to find a specific key or property value.

The global environment values are set in various places, often varying between distros.

How do I print or list environment variables on Linux and Unix-like operating system using shell prompt?

In Linux and Unix, how can I print values of all my environment variables? This page shows how to read and set environmental and shell variables on a Linux or Unix-like systems.

To append a directory, called Again exporting the value will only set it for the current session.

That means when you logout or restart the system, the changes will be lost.

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