Updating resume with promotions

If you choose to share profile edits with your network, your connections will automatically be notified when you update your job title or add a new job to your profile, which can serve as your digital megaphone.”When you go to share the update about your new promotion, it’s important to remember to be humble.Augustine notes that you want to show your enthusiasm and gratitude, but to make sure the promotion is set in stone before you go and publicly announce the promotion online, especially if you’re not sure if you co-workers have bee notified of the changes.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange And I currently on my CV only show 2 roles, namely of Apple (2010-2013) and Senior Banana (2007-2010) as I originally felt that showing four roles might get too cluttered.Keep in mind too that some people in your social network may have been hoping for your promotion, so you don’t want to upset anyone or have them find out that they didn’t get the job through your social media post.

However, if the promotions were largely arbitrary (I had three promotions in my first job because it was the only way they could convince their bosses to give me more money, but I was never TRULY a senior anything), I would pick a single title and go into detail as to what I achieved at the company as a whole.

If you received a new title but your role hasn’t changed much even with the promotion, Augustine says this makes the most sense for updating your profile.“This often happens when the word “Senior” is added to your title (i.e.

“Manager” to “Senior Manager”),” Augustine explains. “If you take this route, start the blurb for this job with, “Promoted from [former title] to [new title] due to [primary reason(s) you were promoted] (Year or Month Year promotion occurred).”Another way to re-vamp your resume and online profiles is to simply add an end date to your current job and add the new job.

Moreover, now with so many digital profiles for professional networking, it’s also important to update your social profiles, in addition to your traditional resume.

When you receive a new promotion at work–do you need to update your resume and social profiles right away?

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