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See the sample index rebuild script below using the MAXDOP query hint.

The MAXDOP query hint ignores the instance-wide maximum degree of parallelism set by SQL Server and uses the explicit value in the T-SQL code. Person REBUILD OPTION (MAXDOP 1)GOALTER INDEX ALL ON Person.

The first part of this tip focuses on SQL Server Enterprise Edition to reduce the duration for index maintenance for off-line rebuilds.

The second part of this tip is intended to reduce the duration for update statistics as it pertains to both SQL Server Standard and Enterprise Edition.

Person REBUILD OPTION (MAXDOP 32)GO Figure 2 Alternatively we can change the setting using sp_configure, adjusting the parallelism.

Below is an example to change it instance-wide to a value of 8 without requiring the MAXDOP hint.

Be sure to properly plan the maintenance and associated MAXDOP settings if the server is not a dedicated SQL Server instance, but contains multiple SQL Server instances or a multi-purpose server with other applications.

Test in your environment to determine which MAXDOP value performs the best.Person REBUILD OPTION (MAXDOP 8)GOALTER INDEX ALL ON Person.Person REBUILD OPTION (MAXDOP 16)GOALTER INDEX ALL ON Person.Earlier in Figure 1, the SQL Server environment is configured using a MAXDOP value of 1, through testing we found changing the MAXDOP to a value of 8 during index maintenance yielded the best performance.Let's demonstrate how to setup a SQL Server Agent Job to do so: 1.

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