Updating melamine cabinets

In the space where the fridge used to be (are you following all this?), I added a new cabinet from the salvage yard that I fixed up and modified with pull out trash and recycling drawers.🙁 We doubled the size of the old deck and moved the back door from the kitchen to the dining room.

I started painting our 80s kitchen cabinets white to match the new cabinet, working in sections so the entire kitchen wouldn’t be out of commission at once.However, this idea doesn’t involve painting ALL of your cabinets – just some of them, and it’s too good of an idea not to share!By choosing a few key places to paint you can give your kitchen an updated look and give the oak something to play off of.Remember, oak is already a ‘busy’ look as it tends to be pretty grainy – keeping thing simple with your decor will help to calm things down.Okay, so I’m a big fat liar, I know – slap me with a wet noodle.

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