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Before we get started - as a word of caution - never work on live wires! electrocutions from one arm to another) can fatally stop the human heart.

Before installing a new electrical service on a house you will typically need temporary power.

Otherwise, weird and/or dangerous things may happen.

Furthermore, there should only be one grounding system in a home.

This means if you connect something to both hot wires, the voltage will be 220 volts.

If you connect something to the white and either of the two blacks you will get 110V.

Watch out for galvanic action conductivity "breaks" (often between copper and iron pipe). It is there to make sure that the third prong on your outlets is connected to ground. One of the other wires will be white (or black with white or yellow stripes, or sometimes simply black). It is connected to the "center tap" of the distribution transformer supplying the power.Some panels seem to only have three wires coming into them.This is either because the neutral and ground are connected together at a different point (eg: the meter or pole) and one wire is doing dual-duty as both neutral and ground, or in some rare occasions, the service has only one hot wire (110V only service).Depending on how long you’ve lived in your home, it could be that some repairs desperately need to be made that you may not consider.Behind the walls, a lot of work is done to keep your house warm and well-lit, but the electrical panel can’t do its job well unless you keep it updated and functioning.

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