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The system then hangs, and I cannot do anything about it. Joel Hi, Go into your BIOS and make sure that the hard drive with the Windows installed is correctly set as the primary boot device.

Choose the HDD as primary boot device, followed by CD-ROM/Floppy.

Its main use is for corporations to manage and track PCs they have purchased.

Some OEMs also use DMI tables to store information used preactivate Windows installations.

When we get this information and know that it is set up properly, then we can explore how you might address this issue. Its not where you make 3 boot selection but its another boot option.. On my M/B i select 3 boot devices but if i have multiple HDD's another boot option appears..

Ive had this problem once when i flashed my BIOS... So instead of having to select HDD0, HDD1 or HDD2 ect...

It is a way of storing information about your system.

Also make sure that the HDD is set to auto-detect within the BIOS utility.

If you have any discs or diskettes in the CD-ROM or floppy drive(s) then please remove these and try and boot up again, this is to make sure the system is not trying to boot from the said device.

Processor: P3 733 mhz Motherboard: MSI 200, 815E Pro Board version: Ver 1 Ram: 2x 128mb sticks Generic ethernet adaptor Generic floppy drive The jumpers are set to 'master', and the ribbon cables are going to the IDE1 slot on the motherboard. History: I've been having problems with my Win 2000 slowing down after Memturbo ended at the end...

Joel Joel You have given us some of it (type, brand name, jumpers for that drive), but we still need to know what else is on that ribbon cable and how that drive is set with the jumpers and where each is located on that ribbon cable ie: end or middle connector. I have Spysweeper and it keeps poping up the same item over and over and over. I read over the forums and did a few of the instructions...

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