Updating debian etch to lenny Blue film on chat

Whether this would make a difference or not, I dunno. : D When I did the dist-upgrade from Sarge to Etch years ago, that note about aptitude being preferred was in the release notes. Although I don't know how to recall the actual command I gave for the upgrade, I suspect it might not have been: apt-get dist-upgrade, but "apt-get full upgrade".You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.When updating from lenny, apt may now refuse to proceed with an upgrade, due to expired keys.Debian is a collaboratively developed free operating system.Debian GNU / Linux is based on the basic system tools of the GNU project as well as the Linux kernel. Debian includes a wide range of application programs and tools. Debian Linux is the most widely used Linux distribution for web servers, ranging from enterprise hosting to retail hosts (see Siteground review on security).I’ve complained numerous times in the past about the Ted word processor being broken in Debian. I’m wondering if I should even be running Debian on this 233 MHz Pentium II MMX, 64 MB RAM, 3 GB hard-drive laptop.On my many Debian installs, I could neither create a new file in Ted nor open an old one. I tried Ted again on my Compaq Armada 7700dmt (the Laptop), now a Debian Etch machine (with Xfce and, since last night, Fluxbox) that could really benefit from Ted working. I figured that it was maybe a Lenny-only thing — some other dependent package got updated and magically made Ted work. I remember trying this “transcoded fonts” solution and having it not work. Yes, I have three Debian installs (two Lenny, one Etch), and Ted works on one (Lenny) of them. The Compaq performs OK with Puppy Linux and a bit better with Damn Small Linux.

And while both Puppy and DSL offer command-line features, neither is a full, modern, updated Debian or Slackware.And I like the fact that Debian and Slackware stay on top of security issues and frequently issue patched packages.And Debian (or Slackware, for that matter) makes it relatively easy to install any console app I want.And while I’m grateful to get Ted running on my Lenny laptop (where I don’t really need it), can’t Debian just make Ted work everywhere, all the time?Like I’ve said before, there’s probably a good reason that Ubuntu doesn’t have Ted in its repository, and I’d say the package not working is a pretty good reason.

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