Unmoderated webcam video

Usually they’ll track various parts of the user’s behavior and allow the participant to type in comments, but that’s it.

For that reason, automated research studies are most useful when evaluating the usability of a specific feature.

Features Lookback will record the voice and gestures of users.

It also will record the screen and collect experiences.

You can set up your own panel of participants with Mr. It was originally designed as a filming rig for testing usability on the i Pad.

They are not in a laboratory constrained with tools and wires.

They also offer an Enterprise package (contact them for a quote).

Best feature – What sets Watchsend apart is that you can run usability tests even while your app is in beta or is testing out beta features.

– They work on a Freemium model, and the prices are shown below: Features Apptimize provides a reliable A/B testing platform for testing apps.

You can add a few lines of code to your app and voilà there is an interface where you can run changes. – Apptimize offers a basic version that can support up to 100,000 monthly users and an Enterprise plan that supports more than 100,000 monthly users. Features Leanplum provides flexible A/B testing for mobile apps. What makes Leanplum stand out is that you can test and push those changes without approval from the App Store.

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