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Date: 28th October 2015 Line: Commuter Train Submitted by: @i_scotti This sexy chap made our heart flutter – such a hottie and has a nice body shape.We just wanna test out his sweatshirt by getting him to work up a sweat!Just click the link or the image above to head over to visit the site and join for FREE!Date: 29th May 2015 Line: Commuter Train Submitted by: DH Cute hair and skinny jeans make this chap look quite a sex pot – we will forgive that his sock label appears to be hanging out on this occassion.

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This Tube Crusher cleverly managed to snap a hottie between the gap in the seats – and what a hottie he is.  Date: 2nd March 2015 Line: Commuter Train Submitted by: Funnybones Ever sat opposite someone at a table and thought – the only thing missing here is a candle and a slap up meal for two?Date: 28th May 2015 Line: Commuter Train Submitted by: Harry What other choice do you have when there is a #tubestrike but to jump aboard a commuter train and take a different journey.This sexy passenger certainly cheered up our walk to work today. Take a look at our fun new dating website, it only launched this June but we already have over 10,000 members signed up and looking for love.Date: 10th August 2018 Line: District Line Submitted by: Neil Do we really have to say anything about this hottie?Look at those thick legs – legs you want to build a treehouse in and move in forever!

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