Too quiet and boring dating

Warning signs of a boring boyfriend We’ve all been fooled by a seemingly exciting person, only to find out they enjoy doing… The good news is that there are a few different warning signs you can catch early on if you pay close attention.If they don’t really hang out with anyone besides you, they could have a tendency to be boring. I know im more than who i appear to be.i honestly thought I’ve embraced my introversion but it stills bothers me sometimes esp when its people i want to form a sincere connection with. Sometimes i get told I’m cold, too quiet and ‘boring’ and indifferent and its not good…I've long learnt to embrace my introversion but its still something im not good at, and i know being too introverted has its costs.Also, and this is kinda cliche, don't try to impress him with idle chatter, just impress him with who you are, there must be things you're passionate about. I was constantly worried that if I revealed too much, he'd think I was crazy.Or if I revealed too little, he'd think I was hiding something.It took me a while to figure out that I was stressed out because I was trying to meet expectations that he didn't even have in the first place.For me, it just took time to feel comfortable opening up.

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At this point, you may realize that he’s not exactly as spunky and entertaining as you might have thought.Maybe he’s not actually a boring boyfriend at heart.He could be just going through a tough time that’s making him act more withdrawn than usual.I enjoy the calming and grounding effect introverts have on me (both as friends and as a partner) and all my most valued friendships are with introverts.Well I guess, the only way of resolving this is by being yourself and that means opening up to the guy. But you can't stop being self conscious about most social interactions, well you can try, but with what I'm getting out of your post, I doubt it. I have also always felt a pressure to be more open and less reserved. I'm less than a year into my first serious relationship, and I had similar struggles during the first few months of dating.

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