The undertaker and michelle mccool dating

But as you can imagine, you get exposed to a lot of different things because of what you do and I lived a pretty excessive lifestyle. And I was like, ‘no you never cross over that line.’ And I always told guys, ‘you don’t date people that you work with.

I believed in God, but I wasn’t living my life for God. It’s just not going to work.’ I said it for years and then I broke my own motto.

You can see highlights below and listen to the full podcast below: On getting heat backstage for dating Undertaker: “Being in the business when — it was very stressful.Finally she realized that I was not Satan.” “She wanted me to be the man that I could be and that has nothing to do with me being The Undertaker and so I went.It was just the perfect circumstance at the perfect time. I grew up Catholic and you know so I’m thinking to myself, ‘oh man, I don’t want to kneel I don’t want to get down on the pew.’ After 17 surgeries you can figure my body doesn’t really feel good all the time.” “It was more like a conversation, you know?I found myself from being kind of tense and pensive to kind of leaning being more like, ‘wow, this is kind of cool.’ And that started my journey to leading my life back the way it should.Michelle, I can’t wait for you to meet her one day.

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