Ted turner dating marlo

#helpingthekids cbs46 @ Waldorf instagram.com/p/B1fhd70B1iw/… Today, Aug 22 is #Black Womens Equal Pay Day showing how far into 2019 black women must work to earn what men made in 2018. Aye, the Bronner Brothers “Beauty Over” Brunch line Up is looking more like a Atlanta #Hot Girl takeover. Marlo you have given @Citi Trends a major step up wearing that bodysuit, it looks good on you, they need to “cut you a check by Monday” in my @50cent voice😂 I know they going to gain more customers now, looking for that bodysuit that Marlo was wearing.Real Housewives of Atlanta uncast star Marlo Hampton has a closet full of nice things.Hampton has bragged on the show about paying for her townhouse in cash, along with her cars and other high-end items.Please tell me one of you amazing readers has been there! Apparently speculation is that Marlo was previously the girlfriend of a high-profile drug dealer from her days in Florida and this is where the majority of her money comes from. He tries to have her arrested for battery.”The source continues, “A few days after the altercation and trying to file charges on her, he gets investigated for various drug charges (he has prior convictions of selling drugs).

Now remember this is all alleged information and none of it is to be taken as fact. My understanding is that Marlo is one of the reasons why Jane Fonda divorced Ted Turner,” the insider exposes.

’ I mean I mentioned that, like what, six years ago? And I like that better but I feel good when I see my work out there, like, ‘Hey, thanks for the check.

You look fabulous.'”Marlo further said that she got her love for fashion from her grandmother Arrie and mother Emma and that in their tribute she did a fashion line called Arrie and Emma that’s going to have sunglasses and jewelry. appearance, Marlo’s good friend and co-star Ne Ne Leakes explained that Marlo made money from fashion and called the speculation that she’s an escort “crap.“Things will likely get interesting this coming Sunday when part 2 of Season 10 reunion show airs, when Marlo Hampton denies to Andy Cohen that the billionaire she dated was Ted Turner but adds that she doesn’t “tell all her tea.” Marlo then tells a critical Kenya Moore, who questions Ne Ne Leakes’ renewed friendship with Marlo, to look up what she does online.

Until last week, we had no clue as to where her funds came from.

According to a Hello Beautiful: “Ted Turner was Marlo’s sugar daddy.

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