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Two People in Middle Tennessee Charged with Tenn Care Fraud NASHVILLE, Tenn.- Residents of Davidson and Williamson Counties are charged with Tenn Care fraud in separate cases.Owner of Hudson County Medical Equipment Supply Store Pleads Guilty To 0,000 from Medicaid Fraud Scam TRENTON -Attorney General Christopher S.

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) today announced details of plea agreements in the two cases.Wednesday, September 18, 2019 PM (PDT) This webinar will provide Company managers and HR specialists an overview of how to handle employee relations in effort to avoid illegality or even the appearance of illegality.Two People Ordered to Repay Tenn Care in Fraud Cases NASHVILLE, Tenn.Within hours, Henderson called the healthcare facility and allegedly threatened to beat a witness and to blow up the facility.Henderson then showed up at the facility to confront the witness, but Tallahassee Police Department officers stopped the defendant.

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