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Chances are whatever niche your coffee shop is in–from organic beans supplied by remote villages in Africa to partnering with local independent bookstores for partnering on opening new locations—there is already an entrepreneur support group out there with industry information, statistics and maybe even a magazine you can subscribe to, as well as several different entrepreneur forums where you can share ideas online.

Also, don’t be afraid to seek out other entrepreneurs who have set up shop with successful coffee shops either locally, or in surrounding areas and talk to them about their experience with coffee shop startup costs, especially unexpected costs.

However, make sure you can confidently say whether or not your target market uses the platforms, and that you have the bandwidth to post content on multiple platforms before you commit.

Your site should be attractive, easy to navigate, and ideally include helpful information for your customers, such as hours, location, contact info, and pricing.

On the accounting side, you’ll need a program to track your revenue and expenses.

You’ll also need to figure out how you’ll pay Uncle Sam, so it’s a good idea to sit down and chat with an accountant to help you get started.

In his experience, people sometimes hang on to a property for sentimental reasons and are willing to rent it out if the right opportunity comes along.

It never hurts to call and ask the owner if an arrangement can be made. You want to know everything you can about the area before you select a location.

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