Soap stars dating

Of course, a few relationships are going to come out of this since they see each other so much.There is nothing like a good soap opera storyline to really sink your teeth into.What’s up with soap opera villains and their brainwashing mind chips, anyways? Except Jake died in 2011 because he was hit by his adopted grandfather, Luke Spencer while drinking and driving.The child was declared brain dead almost immediately upon arrival at GH and placed on life support.franchises that the fans really want to see find love.

Miller has done an excellent job, sliding into the role of Jason with ease, especially in his current state as he tries to remember who he is and who he once was.

If they are true, then these two won’t be coming to the show next summer to try and find love.

They do follow each other on Instagram and Kristina even follows some of Blake’s family.

So far, both Kristina and Blake aren’t admitting to anything.

Kristina did notice that the fans were asking the same thing over and over, but she didn’t go as far as to answer them.

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