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Besides the common fascination of the ladies on both sides of the ocean with Italian men, the survey surfaced some of the common clichés: To the French ladies, Americans are more athletic, glamorous and fun to be with.

The perceived strength of character of American women seems to be a turn-on for many French men.

He decided in 2003 to take part in two reality dating shows for the fun of it: “Operation Seduction” on M6 in France and “The Bachelorette” on ABC in the US.

Fabrice Le Parc launched be2 in France and Benelux in 2006.

To Americans, the French are cultivated, sophisticated and elegant, and French women convey a very attractive sense of mystery and charm.

Clichés, strongly conveyed by movies and pop culture, still play an important role in popular perceptions, but some results of the survey were more interesting.

Smartdate is officially launching in North America and offering a free day on February 13th for a chance to fall in love before Valentine’s Day!

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Below are some examples of the date formats you can use in Tick Tick.

When you create a task with unclear date information, Tick Tick will automatically parse it on the most recent date & time.

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