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Or maybe you’re just an observer of dating culture in South Africa interested in current dating trends, patterns and possibilities?Well, if you belong to one these categories, it’s time to cut back on question marks and proceed with the article!There are even clubs, organizations and blogs arming South African men with dating tips to help them alleviate the stress of approaching women.Pick-Up Artist South Africa (PUA SA) instructors who help men win a girl at least for one night, share tips for dating South African women.One of the reasons that contribute to the typical singlehood might be natural air of confusion.People are baffled about a wide variety of choices ranging from old-fashioned style of meeting someone with help of friends to modern online dating tools, such as internet dating, dating sites and apps and Facebook dating.Meeting someone online and developing interest, they prefer immediate interpersonal face-to-face interaction over forms of ongoing impersonal online communication.Maria Montgomery, who has lived in Sweden, France, America, Canada and England, and currently resides in South Africa, tells about dating differences.

In South Africa where population speaks 11 languages, the language of love is the most popular one.With modern pros of apparently easy dating possibilities, the latter is full of specific dangers and scams.The popularity of online dating relationships is increasing in South Africa.We call this the ‘inner game’, looking at why there might be a fear of rejection, what rejection is, how you feel about yourself.It’s important to know your ‘inner game’ before learning your ‘outer game’, which is about bringing out your strengths and concealing weaknesses,” Most South African men are conservative in their style of dating and courtship.

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