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The heat is reduced but the flavor stays bright and beautiful. I am writing this letter, and providing the information and details below, to request tech-credit and additional "no cost" hosting for one of my managed accounts.

I can no longer imagine a bowl of veggie soup without a spoon or two of Scotch bonnet oil on top. I resold hosting to one of my clients about one year ago.

Do you (or any of your readers) know anything about the care of a keffir lime tree. The tree is in a pot as it must be brought in when the weather gets to freezing. Some customers are like myself, If I see something unusual I order it right then and there rather than hold the order till the optimum time when I may forget or the company may be sold out of the product. Specifically, this domain took an inordinate amount of time to initially set up, and it took several requests to have Front Page extensions installed before they actually were installed and operative.

It did quite well when we lived in San Antonio, but since we moved to Lower Alabama, it isn't as happy and exuberant. Actually, a great time to order seeds is during the off-season in September, October and November. This site have several weeks of down-time in the February-March 2001 timeframe, during which MANY hours were spent on the tech support phone line "on-hold" (sometimes as long as 1-2 hours per call), only to receive no concrete answers as to what YOUR problems were.

It tends to collect every ant in town, all of whom make ant hills out of it's dirt. We now have all of our varieties de-seeded for 2002 for the first go-round. For these outages, I was issued a Ticket Number 262588, which I was told would give this account an additional 1 month of free hosting when called in.

Again, thank you for writing the newsletter, for all the sharing and fun and good help for growing the most wonderful plants in the world, chilies. The Seed Catalog is at will still be some new varieties added to the site and catalog later in the year. Your order number 1029543 has been shipped via USPS 1st Class. Please report all damaged shipments to Netscape [email protected] It was perhaps the 5th phone call in which I was issued yet another Ticket Number (38731), but I was adamant about getting a real-time response as to what YOUR server problems were.

Sandy Palmer Sandy, I'll put your letter in the Newsletter to see if anyone has advice on your lime tree. Try grinding up some Citrus Rinds in a blender and place at the base of the plants. God Bless America ============== Some of you may be exhausted from all of the media and focus on the terrorism attacks. Deadline for lowest room rate - Thursday, September 20 Holiday Inn Jamesburg, NJ - 1-800-645-4538 Need a registration form/meeting info? I strongly questioned why no one in tech support could actually diagnose or fix a problem in real-time, let alone admitting that there actually WAS a problem on your end.

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