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Pb (lead-204), which is neither unstable nor radiogenic.We can always try U-Pb dating using the isochron method, but this often doesn't work: the compositions of the minerals involved, when plotted on an isochron diagram, fail to lie on a straight line. First of all, the straight-line property of the isochron diagram is destroyed when the isotopes involved get shuffled between minerals.There is a difficulty in using radiometric dating to put an age on sedimentary rock.

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It has two properties which make it useful for this purpose.Since we know the ratios in which the various lead isotopes are usually found, we can then apply the same sort of correction we used to account for atmospheric argon in the K-Ar method.While zircon has been the most popular mineral for U-Pb dating, other minerals have been employed, including apatite, monazite, titanite, allanite and, most interesting of all, xenotime.Now, compounds of uranium are often highly soluble in water (this, indeed, is one of the major problems with U-Pb isochron dating) whereas compounds of lead are stubbornly insoluble.As a result, we expect speleothems when they are first formed to contain some uranium but little or no lead — just like zircons.

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