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Wolfgang Pauli in 1924 was the first to propose a doubling of electron states due to a two-valued non-classical "hidden rotation".In 1925, George Uhlenbeck and Samuel Goudsmit at Leiden University suggested the simple physical interpretation of a particle spinning around its own axis, in the spirit of the old quantum theory of Bohr and Sommerfeld.Since 2013, the Higgs boson with spin 0 has been considered proven to exist.The spin-statistics theorem states (1) that particles with half-integer spin (fermions) obey Fermi–Dirac statistics and the Pauli Exclusion Principle, and (2) that particles with integer spin (bosons) obey Bose–Einstein statistics, occupy "symmetric states", and thus can share quantum states.On the other hand, spin has some peculiar properties that distinguish it from orbital angular momenta: , are known as fermions, while those particles with integer spins, such as 0, 1, 2, are known as bosons.The two families of particles obey different rules and broadly have different roles in the world around us.As the name suggests, spin was originally conceived as the rotation of a particle around some axis.This picture is correct so far as spin obeys the same mathematical laws as quantized angular momenta do.

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Schematic diagram depicting the spin of the neutron as the black arrow and magnetic field lines associated with the neutron magnetic moment. While the spin of the neutron is upward in this diagram, the magnetic field lines at the center of the dipole are downward.

This fact was an early indication that the neutron is not an elementary particle.

In fact, it is made up of quarks, which are electrically charged particles.

by the deflection of particles by inhomogeneous magnetic fields in a Stern–Gerlach experiment, or by measuring the magnetic fields generated by the particles themselves. For exclusively orbital rotations it would be 1 (assuming that the mass and the charge occupy spheres of equal radius).

The electron, being a charged elementary particle, possesses a nonzero magnetic moment.

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