Sex dating in tomah wisconsin against online dating

La Crosse District Attorney Tim Gruenke explains there are specific elements needed to prove to a jury.

"The first is that people have to be engaged in some sort of a commercial sex act which is usually sex in exchange for money but it could be something else like drugs or really anything of value, the other element is that somebody is forcing somebody else to do that either by a threat, or an act of violence or by some of sort of coercion to get them kicked out of their housing or report them to human services, and the other thing is that the person doing the trafficking gets some benefit out of it so they get the money, the values the drugs, whatever."These elements almost align in Jeffrey's case, but he's not here to fill the missing pieces, which means so long as it's his word against the traffickers, they are free and may be trafficking other children today.

However, the new potential laws in Wisconsin's state assembly could prevent cases like Jeffrey's from continuing to happen."In the last couple of years there has been a big push to educate all of the people within the system, police, prosecutors, victim advocates.

to try to recognize the signs of when something might be a little deeper than what it first appears," Gruenke said.

Life may not be the same now for Lisa, but she's finding purpose as she works with state representatives to raise awareness on sex trafficking.

She says the efforts, in some way, will help bring justice for Jeffrey and other children who are sex trafficked in Wisconsin each year.

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