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It is a lesson for other countries, and not just in Asia.

In 2017, the Constitutional Court found Taiwan's existing marriage act violated the Constitution on discrimination grounds by excluding same-sex couples.

Several countries -- from Singapore to Myanmar and Pakistan -- still retain colonial-era "sodomy" laws that punish adult consensual same-sex conduct.

These positive shifts, however, should not obscure stubborn, regressive legal regimes and significant backsliding in the region.Elsewhere in the region, courts have shown a promising turn toward recognizing and protecting sexual and gender minorities, even in the face of hostile public opinion.The 2018 decision by India's Supreme Court that criminalizing consensual same-sex conduct is unconstitutional was a major victory for LGBT people's rights to privacy and non-discrimination in the world's second-most-populous country.In a last-ditch attempt to prevent equality, lawmakers proposed two alternative bills in parliament that offered a separate, and unequal, form of partnership recognition that fell far short of marriage.But Taiwan's lawmakers rejected these initiatives and voted in favor of the bill first proposed by the cabinet that provides a path to marriage for same-sex couples.

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