Sedating triple warmer

Energy in the Meridian system is more concentrated and they are the transporters to targeted areas of the body.Specific energy roadways that run through the body are created as a polarity pairs – yin/yang, male/female, or fear/trust.

This meridian tends to get over-stimulated by stress.This requires mindfulness, the ability to connect with our intuition ... I'm cultivating the ability to suspend the temptation to tell myself stories of stress and impending catastrophe.Of course, I can still be triggered into a response, so I've also been learning energy medicine techniques to help me calm, center and reset my system when this happens.However, there may be times where activating it comes in handy, especially if you are sick.It is believed that by pressing on certain areas of your body you can get Triple Warmer to activate and boost your immunity in the process to help fight sickness.

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