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While working in the White House, Olivia helps Vice President Sally Langston; Cyrus stumbles across the truth about James’s secret investigation; and one of Olivia’s associates struggles to come to terms with a shocking betrayal.Olivia gets news from Edison that the President is awake; Mellie forged Fitz's name in a letter of reinstatement.So far this season has revealed how Fitz won his election; a group of conspirators - Hollis Doyle, Verna Thornton, Cyrus Beene, Mellie Grant and Olivia Pope - rigged the election polls in one county in Ohio, Defiance; no matter who the voters voted for, Grant/Langston won.Olivia finds romance in her ex-fiance Senator Edison Davis...Meanwhile David is still investigating the Cytron case and gets help from a very surprising source; and in the White House, Fitz feels the pressure as Mellie proves once again that she’s a political powerhouse.A governor takes the law into his own hands when he sees his wife being raped and then he asks Olivia and her team to come in and clean up his mess.The season opened three months after Quinn's arrest starting by answering the long awaited question... But how did Lindsay become Quinn and how did she get from California to DC?Well of course the country's finest fixer "fixed" that problem with the help from her trusty slick side-kick Huck.

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And in the White House, Cyrus and Fitz are dealing with the ramifications of Cyrus' husband’s first front page news story.Huck takes on a relationship with Becky Flynn, a former cocaine addict who turns out to be a former spy as well who set him up for the attempted assassination of the President. Mellie and Cyrus put Fitz in a compromising position during a live television interview with America's reporter, Kimberly Mitchell.Meanwhile, OPA takes a Congressman as a client who was caught with his pants down... Olivia has to deal with the ramifications of Quinn's court case.Meanwhile, both Cyrus and the President are caught off-guard when Cyrus' husband, James, decides to return to his career as a journalist covering the White House.Olivia receives an anonymous letter containing a coded warning which could expose Huck’s dark past.

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