Ryan reynolds is dating

In the 1990s, though, he was still just a small-screen stud who managed to bag Traylor, who he dated for eight months!Since the show lasted until 2001, totaling four seasons, though, we hope it wasn’t awkward around the set...And, while Kristen may not be as famous as she once was, or topping the “Most Beautiful People” lists, she was one of the most gorgeous actresses on TV when Ryan had her!Like most of his relationships that were brief and came before he hit the big time, we don’t know a whole lot about this couple but hey, at least we have solid proof that they were once definitely an item!” Too bad for Ryan, though, that their love affair was so brief.According to Melissa, she thought the age difference between the two of them (she was 19, he was 17) was too much for him, and told him so, ending this truly ‘90s fling as quickly as it had begun.

One song in particular, “Torch”, was about her grief over the breakup, which discusses everything she misses about Ryan.

and Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts, and Robert De Niro and Naomi Campbell), !

At six feet tall, Johnston was paired with the much-shorter Wayne Knight in the kooky sitcom, so it must have been a nice change of pace for her to have her arm around the six-foot-two Ryan!

However, while Ryan’s star was slowly rising, Rachael’s was on the brink of dimming, but that meant that this brief coupling managed to meet each other in the middle!

At one point, Rachael had to fly to England for a film, which would have dampened their budding relationship, except Ryan showed that he had the romantic skills to pay the bills early on in his career!

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