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Ask your friends to set you up with the divorced neighbor.

And for the love of God check the appropriate boxes on your online dating search.

Your average single mom (not that any are average) will think that any night that exceeds the above measures of amusement is an over the top brilliant experience.

Along the same lines, the single mom wants an excuse to look hot, or at least to try. Her daily wardrobe has functional demands (think shammy meets forklift) that do not involve highlighting her figure and lengthening her legs.

She has a built in smother-protection clause in the form of lots of priorities higher than you. And when it did, she silently yet immediately applied the marriage/kids/family algorithm to your partnership, a complex and rigid calculation that works backwards from her perceived oldest possible age of childbirth and sets you sail on an invisible yet very well mapped journey towards conception. She is seeking any way to get back, just for a moment, to a carefree spot in her life that didn’t involve the responsibility of children.

Think back to every third date you have had with a single woman in her late 20’s or early 30’s. While you may be exposed to the occasional story about the SUPER funny potty mishap from earlier in the day (cut her some slack and laugh) you are free of the biological noose that probably choked out some past dating relationships. Getting up before the kids (even if it means 4 am) to have coffee alone is fun.

This exhilarating yet totally bi-polar process gets even trickier later in life after the frivolity of the 20’s and early 30’s and when the weight of responsibility creeps on like the waist size.

You can project that her approach to the majority of life’s up’s and down’s will have a foundation of reality, she is well aware that it really always COULD be worse. Circumstances of life evolve along with the key players, and once viable relationships can become not so.

The single mom has an entire set of emotional and practical tools based on experience. While this time of life is ripe with anticipation and excitement, you’d be hard pressed to list many people who want to go back to being pregnant or to having a newborn.

Give the woman an excuse to wear that cute top gathering dust in her closet and curl her hair and you’ve likely made her week.

If it’s not Taboo or Battle of the Sexes at a dinner party, she does not want to play games with you.

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