Reservoir effect radiocarbon dating dating bandra

Differences from within each of four pairs of wood charcoal vs.

marine shell (Nunivak Island) produce a weighted mean of 459 ± 32 years.

Carbon-14 age determinations from 23 paired samples of terrestrial and marine origin are presented for five areas around the northern and eastern Bering Sea.

It appears statistically suitable to average the age differences for three pairs, weighted inversely by variance.

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The marine reservoir effect is known to skew radiocarbon dating (marine samples appear “older ” than terrestrial samples of equivalent age), but the magnitude of this effect is not the same in all locations.

Variations in these apparent reservoir effects presumably result largely from the interplay of differential ocean water upwelling and customary faunal feeding areas, although possible effects of other species characteristics cannot be ruled out.

Somewhat more variant differences from within each of five additional pairs of wood charcoal vs. Lawrence Island, Unalaska Island) provide a lower weighted mean of 460 ± 41 years.

Isotopic analysis of dog (Canis lupus familiaris) bone recovered from archaeological sites as proxies for human bone is becoming common in North America.

Chronological placement of the dogs is often determined through radiocarbon dating...

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