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” the fisherman responded in kind, then laughed and waved a hand of appreciation.Makkachin’s barking had inspired a trio of seagulls to take flight and abandon their plot of stealing the fisherman’s morning catch.Victor blurted out the question not long after that, no longer able to keep it inside himself. ” But Yuuri’s answer was not at all what he expected. It sparkled in his mind and puzzled him enough to keep him awake that night, pondering the irony while he was sitting alone in his bedroom with the smell of ocean salt and driftwood still clinging to his hair.“I want you to be yourself,” Yuuri had said in reply. This whole time, Victor had been trying to figure out which mask to wear to make Yuuri happy, when all he wanted was for Victor to take it off and show him the real person beneath.Yuuri was penitent and apologetic when he messed up.His problem wasn’t a lack of caring or respect for his coach’s time.If anything, it was getting worse, and Victor didn’t understand why.“Sorry,” Yuuri said, his eyes aimed downward.“Where’s your focus today?Try again.”“Hai.”When Yuuri skated back to the opening position, it was obvious he was trying to be mindful of his posture, but the end result was still lacking. It was difficult for Victor to feel cross with Yuuri, even after he had shown up 27 minutes late for practice and kept him waiting.

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(Like that day at the beach from the end credits, pair skating practices, falling in love, and MUCH more.) While this story can be read entirely on its own, it’s technically a prequel to Winter Song, which covers Episodes 7-12 and beyond. and waited for his master to dress, grab a leash, and take him outside for their daily walk. Overhead, it transitioned from a sleepy, muted purple to a radiant blue that would soon overtake the rest.

Victor was immediately transported to heaven, just from the smell alone. that was the best thing of all.“Itadakimasu,” Victor sang and took his time savoring the meal. Victor had dined at Michelin-starred restaurants across the world, but nothing could compare to the love and years of slowly-refined talent he could taste in every bite. The whole family had been awake and working since dawn, but Yuuri would remain in his room until the sun was high in the sky. ”But even with Makkachin’s help, which came in the form of an imploring bark and a snuffle at the crack of the door, Yuuri did not respond to Victor’s invitation. It wasn’t the first time he’d knocked at this door with the offer of friendship on his lips, only to walk away disappointed soon thereafter.“I guess I’ll see you later at practice, then?

But the feeling of warmth he got in his belly from having this beautiful, kind mother serve him breakfast . It was then, holding that warm bowl in his hand, that he decided he was wrong about the morning sky being his favorite thing about Hasetsu. It seemed a shame that someone was still upstairs in his bed, missing this. He probably hadn’t even gone to bed until just a few hours ago. ” Victor said eventually, his heart sinking as his fingertips slid down the door.

The dog had spotted Hiroko, who was unloading crates of fresh produce from the back of a truck, and bounded over to wish her an enthusiastic good morning.“Vicchan, ohayō! Yuuri’s mother did not speak much English, but that had never stopped her from doing everything in her power to make Victor feel at home.

He helped her carry a few crates into the kitchen before sitting down at her insistence to enjoy a hot breakfast.

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