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If he is in a hurry to take things to the next level with you, it could be because he’s on the rebound or because he’s an expert at playing the game.Major green flag alert: anyone who can admit that they’re wrong.In reality, though, those “green flags” can actually be red flags in disguise. There are still those genuine actions that a guy or girl can take that are undeniable green flags in a relationship, and show that a date has the potential to be a real keeper. Pet names are usually seen as a positive sign, right?While they can show how affectionate your partner or date is towards you, it might not be such a good sign when the other person is using them a lot too early on, according to .

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To be totally clear, you don’t have to lower your standards and you should never settle for less than you deserve. This red flag isn’t so much about being warned that he’s not a keeper; it’s just a sign to prepare yourself because if you think he really is perfect, you’ll soon get a wake-up call.

He doesn’t have to totally forget about himself just to cater to the needs of others, but a bit of thoughtfulness never hurt anybody!

That might include not bringing up certain topics that you would consider offensive, or offering to meet you somewhere that’s close to where you live if he knows you don’t drive, or suggesting dinner at a restaurant he knows provides a good gluten-free menu if you have celiac.

That’s true in some cases, but it’s really just a generalization—sometimes, a guy can be in a hurry to take the next step, and you might feel like you’re stuck on a fast ride and you want off!

Remember that there’s a difference between knowing what you want and working towards it at a steady pace and flat-out rushing.

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