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A show such as this could give hope to students battling adversity, who may not think they can ever get into college, and create a spark of interest for students who may not know the true value of receiving an education.

With questions stirring as to reasons why teen pregnancy numbers are still high, teens needs to think about the media and its influence on such actions.

It’s alarming, too, considering the physical and mental health risks to the mother and the baby in a teen pregnancy, including low birth weight and a baby’s predisposition to more illnesses.

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"Elyse, your look is very strong for the fashion world — for the hard-core, die-hard fashion world," said Banks, herself a supermodel.

As the American cartoonist Scott Adams stated, “You don’t have to be a ‘person of influence’ to be influential.” This piece originally appeared in VOX Teen Communications’ Back to School edition of the newspaper.

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(One “Teen Mom” star stated in court that she makes 0,000 per season, not including endorsements and appearances).

The girls are plastered on the covers of magazines — sometimes in a positive light, sometimes in a negative light.

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