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And guard against fraud, especially if someone seeks money—or a seemingly credible dating website prompts you to divulge inappropriate personal information.To make the most of dates, watch your body language.Instead, cite a few quirky interests or areas of depth or expertise that shape your personality. In your eagerness to present your best self, resist the urge to fib.Price suggests enlisting a friend to read the first draft of your profile and offer input. Many people lie about their age, weight and body shape, Price says.In order to get a quality message, or a quality response to a message you send, you have to hook someone in with an intriguing bio.You win the game by successfully going on a date with a person you’re interested in, regardless of whether he invited you, or you invited him. I know some of that hiding or distracting-type behavior has to do with issues you may have about your appearance.BOOKING FOR GROUPS OF 9 If you are booking for a group of 9 or more, call us at (312) 515-8972. Because we’re guest-obsessed, our adventures are more exciting, more inviting and everyone contributes to the action. Our adventures bring epic stories to life in a one-of-a-kind tactile experience. We make the most accessible and immersive escape games.

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For starters, craft a profile that differentiates you in a compelling way. “Communicate what’s really appealing and unique about you.” Avoid clichés about loving midnight walks on the beach.

As your friend fills in what you left out, uncover more potentially rich content by asking questions such as: • What stories of mine are most interesting? “Don’t say what you think others want to hear,” she advised.

“And don’t use an old photo because you feel you’re aging and don’t look good now.” She has three rules for photos: have someone take lots of photos and pick the best one, never wear sunglasses and get past the self-consciousness.

Because she lived in a small town, she ventured online to find a good match. “I thought for a long time that the only people I could relate to were other widowers,” Price said.

“That narrowed the pool too much.” Broadening her search beyond widowers paid off.

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