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I consider this outcome less a failure of my memory or disrespect towards his translation but rather a celebration of translation and oration. My roommate was right that the poem had become a kind of compulsion. Corona: that town in the Chico Mountains of California I’ll never go back to after Mia Carli broke my heart and started watching while I packed.

I heard you Corona-ing last night through the wall. And someone from that world was always quoting Eileen Myles quoting Joe Brainard on his deathbed saying the best thing about dying was surely going to be no more poetry readings. He was separated from his parents, who were sent to a separate camp, and was the only member of his family to survive the Holocaust.Because of these differences, Rimbaud's prose poems are denser and more poetic than Baudelaire's.These differences also contribute to the surrealist quality of Illuminations.Nevertheless, certain conventions stand among the many editions of the text.For example, the various publications of Illuminations almost invariably begin with "Après Le Deluge".

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